Kasari Project Websites

Several of the Kasari Lab multi-site research projects have websites of their own. The purpose of these websites is to make our findings more accessible to the community. These websites provide resources and tools for parents, teachers, and other related service providers based on the cutting edge research that comes as a direct result of these studies. 

AIR-B Network

The Autism Research Network on Behavioral Health (AIR-B) is a network of researchers from across the country working together to improve treatments for children with ASD. The AIR-B website provides valuable resources for researchers, parents, and teachers, including:

-  Information about our research projects
-  Free printable resources
-  Photos and Videos

AIM-ASD Network

The Adaptive Interventions for Minimally-Verbal Children with ASD (AIM-ASD) Network is a team of expert researchers from around the country seeking to create an effective treatment plan for minimally verbal children with autism spectrum disorders. Check out our website for information about this research group and resources for those working with children who are minimally verbal, including:

-  Lectures from the lead researchers
-  Information about those who are minimally verbal

Remaking Recess

Remaking Recess is an evidence-based, psychosocial intervention designed to help children with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) engage with peers at school. The Remaking Recess website has lots of valuable information for teachers, parents, and other school related service providers, including:

-  Free downloadable resources
-  Posts related to peer engagement, special education, and recess
-  How-to videos showing the intervention in action

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