Other Treatment Programs

The Kasari Lab uses a variety of different treatment programs in our research studies and interventions, including the following: 

DTT - Discrete Trial Training

Discrete Trial Training (DTT) is a method of teaching in distinct, structured trials. To teach a skill, the skill is first broken down into a series of steps, and each of the steps is taught using a series of discrete trials. Each trial is short and contains a set of clearly defined steps, creating a highly structured format. This structure helps to create clarity for the child, and because each trial is short it allows for many learning opportunities. The steps of each trial are as follows:

  1. Antecedent - the initial instruction, sets the stage for a response
  2. Prompt - instructional aid used initially to help child make correct response, but is gradually faded out as child gains proficiency
  3. Response - either the desired response (called the target behavior) or an incorrect response. The target behavior is always clearly defined so that anyone teaching knows when to reinforce
  4. Consequence - correct responses receive positive reinforcement, while incorrect responses are met with a correction procedure
  5. Inter-trial interval - short rest in between 

(Info about other treatments coming soon...)

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