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The Kasari Lab is part of the Center for Autism Research and Treatment and the Graduate school of Education in the Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior at the University of California, Los Angeles. We offer diagnostic assessments, treatment for children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), and opportunities to participate in research studies.

The lab was established in 1997 by Dr. Connie Kasari, one of the world’s leading experts in autism research and treatment. Our team is devoted to creating interventions that are successful, backed by research, and able to be implemented in every day settings. Our current research focuses on the core characteristics of social communication in children with ASD. Projects are carried out primarily in school and community settings with the goal of improving communication and relationships with others.


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We aim to learn more about the challenges faced by children with ASD and the steps necessary to improve core characteristics of social communication

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We have developed an evidence-based treatment called J.A.S.P.E.R, which targets social communication in children with ASD or other language challenges

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The lab works closely with community members, parents, and teachers to tailor our research and treatments to the existing needs in the community

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In the News

In the News

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